Height: 6’0’’ Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Weight: 195

The Highwaymen Supporting (Deputy Bob Alcorn) Director: John Lee Hancock/Casey Silver Prods.
Brian Banks Supporting (Coach Jaso) Director: Tom Shadyac/ShivHans Pictures
God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness Supporting (Policeman) Director: Jon Gunn/Pure Flix Prods.
The Riot Act Supporting (Marshal) Director: Devon Parks/Mad Possum Prods.
Shero Supporting (Businessman) Director: Matthew Spradlin/InnoVate Prods.
The Whisperers Supporting (Dad) Director: Jason Miller/Rugged Prods.
Faith Lead (Mike) Director: Dean Denton/Domino Prods.
Thankful Hearts Lead (Derrick James) Director: Dean Denton/Domino Prods.
Come Morning Supporting (Jim) Director: Derrick Sims/Fabeled
Change Lead (John Kash) Director: Misty Steele/Open Eyes
Bloodstone Diaries Supporting (Lungo) Director: Gerry Bruno/Let’s Think
Ballerina Lead (Frank Gross) Director: Bryan Stafford/Dogtown Pictures
Game Supporting (John) Director: Nathan Trucks/Game Prods.
Blind Turn Supporting (Father) Director: Robert Orr/Point O Seven
Seven Souls Lead (Michael) Director: Gerry Bruno/Let’s Think
Anyone Supporting (Mathews) Director: Kelly Griffin/Imaginary Friend Films
Step Away From The Stone Lead (Dr. Harris) Director: Bill Barton/Rock Prods.
Summertime Christmas Lead (Nick) Director: Andrew
Ehrenkrook/Ehrenkrook Prods.
Born on the Fourth of July Featured (Recruiter) Director: Oliver Stone/Ixtlan Prods.
Small Moving Target Lead (Domino) Director: Randal Rust/Rust Prods.
On My Grave Lead (Jones) Director: Beth Wilhoyte/Grave Prods.
Riverbend Featured Director: Sam Firstenberg/Vandale
Love Hurts Featured Director: Bud Yorkin/Vestron Pictures
Paramedics Featured Director: Stuart Margolin/Crow Prods.
Robo Cop Featured Director: Paul Verhoeven/Orion
Bluff City Law Co-Star Director: Adam Davidson/NBC Universal
Murder Made Me Famous Supporting (Dave) Director: Brad Osborne/AMS Pictures
Beverly Hills 90210 Co-Star (Cop) Director: Chip Chalmers/Spelling
Dark Skies Supporting (Cop) Director: Stephen Posey/Columbia
Quantum Leap Featured (Capt. Jerret) Director: Michael Zinberg/Belisarius Prods.
Unsolved Mysteries Featured (Captain) Director: Dan Gomez/Cosgrove/Meurer Prods.
Honor Thy Mother Featured (Patrolman) Director: David Green/MCA Television
The Young and the Restless Recurring Director: Frank Pacelli/CBS Prods.
Days of Our Lives Recurring Director: Stephen Wyman/Corday Prods.
Freddy’s Nightmares Co-Star (MP # 1) Director: Don Weis/Warner Brothers
Pancho Barnes Featured Director: Richard Heffron/Orion
Dallas Featured (Ranch Hand) Director: Leonard Katzman/Lorimar
The Blue and the Gray Featured Director: Andrew V. McLaglen/Columbia
Theater West Co. Member Theatrical Prods. Los Angeles
David Lehman Scene Study Los Angeles
Russell Gray Audition Workshop Los Angeles
Lou Diamond Phillips Scene Study Dallas
Ross Brown Audition Workshop Dallas
Adam Roarke/Film Actors Lab Scene Study Dallas
KD Studios/Doris Sabbagh Audition Workshop Dallas

Running, Baseball, Football, Track and Field, Weight Lifting, Tennis, Handle all Types of Guns and Rifles, Most all Sports, Southern Accent.